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It is good to see that folks are giving NBC what they deserve for running the
dreadful creationist program on Sunday (the gruesome details are posted in
another note). Remember, one note to NBC is worth a thousand complaints on
this discussion list. Also please understand that it is by no means too late
to let the people at NBC know what you think! A sustained effort is more
impressive than a brief one.

Keep the letter short, less than a page (remember, they are busy people).

The best place to complain is at the top! Write directly to the President of
NBC (address below). If just a fraction of subscribers to this and other
dinosaur discussion lists send letters to him, it may have an impact. Believe
it or not, ratings are close to but not everything to the networks. The
networks are under pressure for their cruddy programming these days, which is
why they are starting a ratings system.

Also, saying that letters will not work, and then failing to complain,
assures no results.

Some advice. In your letter/s be firm, but very POLITE! Offer constructive
criticism, but also make positive suggestions. Say that you are sick and
tired of psuedoscience, you want to see top-notch science programming
produced in cooperation with leading researchers and organizations. Hint that
this would enhance the prestige of NBC. Stroke them a little.

As for those with university and museum addresses, those impresive
letterheads make a big impact. So send in your comments! It is your research
budgets that are ultimately on the line here.

It is also a good idea to send copies of the letter to the NBC programming
department, and to your local affiliate (address in your phone book). The
addresses I have come up with are as follows.

Robert Wright
30 Rockefeller Plaza
New York NY 10019

Todd Schwartz
Programming Dept
3000 W. Alameda
Burbank CA 91523


Keep churning out those letters!