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> Just a note regarding the possibility of extinct organisms still hiding
> out ( I know I'll get flamed for putting this here), but Karl P Shuker's
> new book "In Search of Prehistoric Survivors" has a section on sea
> monsters, and a very comprehensive section on dinosaurian incidents. It
> doesn't just cover sightings, but also historical incidents that may have
> led to legends being formed, such as the Griffin ( possibly sightings of
> skeletal protoceratopsids.) I know this seems a little off-post, but it
> is worth a read, even if only for light entertainment.

Yeah, I recently ordered this book for my work on basilosaurid archaeocetes and
their postulated links to modern 'sea serpents' (there is no case, BTW). I'm
pals with Shuker and, while he knows his crypto, his palaeontology is bang out
of date. A pal of Ben Roesch's has just said much the same.

Err, dinosaurs?

Yikes! Late for a lecture...