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Re: segnosaurs

>>     I find it hard to imagine dinosaurs as large as the segnosaurs
>> existing on insects.
>Yep, so do I.  Unless Cretaceous termites came extra-large, I don't
>think a hungry _Therizinosaurus_ could have gone too far on a diet
>consisting solely of white-ants.

Surely it is the number of termites ingested rather than the size of each
individual termite that matters!  Anyway, if segnosaurs were termite-eaters
their hyoid apparatus (is it known?) might show evidence of an elongate tongue.

The largest living termite-eaters that I know of are the giant anteater
(18-39 kg) which has been reported to eat 30,000 termites (and other
insects) a day; the giant armadillo (up to 60 kg, at least in captivity)
whose primary food is termites; and the aardvark (40-100 kg, usually 50-70
kg).  How does this compare with segnosaur sizes?

More to the point - were mound-building termites coeval with segnosaurs?
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