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mysterious origins

NBC is certainly to be condemned for airing the ridiculous "Mysterious
Origins of Man."  But it is not in the least surprising that they chose to
do it.  Now that the February sweeps are over, we can merely hope that
there will be less such sensational fodder, but we shouldn't hold our hopes
too high.  I mean, even the more respectable "educational" networks like
Discovery and the Learning Channel run ridiculous pseudo-science shows, in
addition to the true science programming.  "Mysterious Origins," though,
was particularly galling, because it was presented as serious science, and
because it was given such prominence on a major network.  Much more
"believable" than alien autopsies or NBC's own "Unsolved Mysteries."

For a  painful laugh, definitely check out the "Mysterious Origins" web
site (http://plaza.interport.net/bcvideo/index.html), and especially the
links to BC Video's "favorite sites" -- they say a lot about the midset
behind the show.

Kevin Walker
Software Designer
The Electronic Newspaper
American Museum of Natural History