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Weishampel & Young's new Dino Book

Hi Folks,

A couple of you have contacted me off net as well as on regarding the
inability to gain further information on  the premiere of 'Dinosaurs of the
East Coast" via the WEB address. My apologies. I posted the the address
only because the blurb about their new WEB address _alluded_ to more info.

I would suggest trying the 800 number and request a catalogue. OR, I could
retype the entire page devoted to it's advertisement and post it either to
1)The entire list. or 2) To those interested who contact me off list
(Moderator's preference)

I f there are specific (book related) questions, I could ask Dr. Weishampel
himself .

Please let me know your feelings on any of the above.

Thomas R. Lipka
Paleontological/Geological Studies