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IN Search of Prehistoric Survivors

>Just a note regarding the possibility of extinct organisms still hiding
>out ( I know I'll get flamed for putting this here), but Karl P Shuker's
>new book "In Search of Prehistoric Survivors" has a section on sea
>monsters, and a very comprehensive section on dinosaurian incidents. It
>doesn't just cover sightings, but also historical incidents that may have
>led to legends being formed, such as the Griffin ( possibly sightings of
>skeletal protoceratopsids.) I know this seems a little off-post, but it
>is worth a read, even if only for light entertainment.
Just wnated to note that I've been tlaking to someone who has this book (I
don't have it-yet!), and I am very dissapointed to say that Shuker's
paleontology is about 50 years old. Of course this is
typical(unforteanatly) to many cryptozoologic claims referrring to living
dinosaurs and pterodactyls, and doesn't help the already scorned and
tarnished image cryptozoology has among the scientific community.

Also, the debunking of the "pliesosaur carcass" was published in a series
of papers published by the French-Japonese Oceanographic Society in July
1978. The carcass was undoubtedly from a basking shark, but it would have
been the biggest yet, as Darren Naish stated.

In any case, this is a dino list, and I know from experience the
reprecussions of discussing matters cryptozoology in this list, so I'll
just relurk into the shadows and let everyone talk dinos!