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Re: Light relief

You wrote:
> Glen J. Kuban wrote:
>> I do not have any humerous anecdotes from students to add, but since
>> there have been a lot of posts on the Paluxy tracks lately (some from
>> me), promoted by the NBC television special), I thought I would share
>> some of the more interesting comments and questions I have heard from
>> tourists or >>>creationists<<< while working on the tracksites: (The
>> may not be verbatin, but are as close as I can remember)...
>Now wait just a dog-gone minute.  Everybody has been harping on the NBC
>special and how unscientific it was.  Now I admit that it was no shining
>star on how to support Creationism, but I think Glen's comment shows how
>easy it is for ANYONE to propagate fallacious reasoning.  With all due
>respect (correct me if I am wrong Glen) but I doubt that you asked all
>these people if they were Creationist.  Therefore on what basis do you
>make your statement above - perhaps a little bit of self-bias?
>- Ed Cox


First, try the decaf!  Second, I'll take some lumps.  I realized when I
wrote that that I should simply have said "visitors."  You're right;
creationists do not own the corner on dumb comments.  However, I did not say
ONLY creationists made these comments.  Also, I am sorry to report
(especially if you are a creationist) that it did seem like a greater number
of unimformed comments were made from strict creationists than other
visitors (when I knew their positions on the issue).
    I do not say that with any malice toward creationists, or toward
Chrsitians or theists in general.  I consider muyself a creationist in the
broad sense--I am a Christian and believe in the Creator).  Also, you must
bear in mind that I was at the some of the sites while studying strict
creationist claims, so there were probably were more creationists there (and
perhaps more vocal ones) than you might find elsewhere).
    Yes, sometimes, if I was just overhearing a remark I would not know what
the person believed on origins.  However, in many cases what I quoted was
only a sampling of other statements or conversations I overheard or took
part in, where I did often know exectly where the person stood on the issue
of origins.  But your points are well taken, and I will be more careful in
the future.
    Thanks for calling me on this.

Glen Kuban