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Re: segnosaurs & sloths

>>Not to say that I support the idea of an arboreal ancestor of the
>therizinosauroids (aka segnosaurians), but it IS interesting that, of all
>mammals, ground sloths seem to be the best analogue for these strange
>dinosaurs.  And ground sloths, after all, were simply the giant,
>herbivorous, secondarily-terrestrial descendants of small,
>once-insectivorous, then-herbivorous, arboreal forms...
>(The two "D. Russells", Don E. and Dale A., consider therizinosaurs to be
>chalicothere analogues.)
>Thomas R. Holtz, Jr.

Considering that some chalicotheres are pretty much old world
perissodactylous ground sloth analogues, that  seems another way of saying
the same thing, doesn't it?
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