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some ref's

Recently there has been some discussion going on regarding studies into the
role of respiratory turbinates and whether or not they are relevant to
dinosaurs.  For those interested in reading up on the theory and ideas
behind this, I offer the following references.  (I have already forwarded
these to a couple of people off the list but thought the entire audience
here might find these useful)--

General 'non-technical' discussions:

Fischman, J. 1995. Science 270: 735-6
Monastersky, R. 1994. Science News 145: 312-13

Technical papers:

Hillenius, W.J. 1992. Paleobiology 18(1): 17-29
Hillenius, W.J. 1994. Evolution 48: 207-229
Ruben, J. 1995. Annual Review of Physiology 57: 69-95
Ruben, J. in press. Journal of Experimental Biology
Ruben, J. in prep. in new dinosaur book being edited by Farlow et al (1997?)

Oh well, back to lurking...Cheers all...

Department of Biology,
University of Victoria

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