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Letter for perusal

Robert Wright
30 Rockefeller Plaza
New York NY 10019

Dear Mr. Wright;

You are undoubtedly aware that a sizable segment of our population is
outraged by the material presented in "The Mysterious Origins of Man." I
would like to personally thank you for presenting this show to the viewing
public. Little did I know that when I flipped on my TV the other night I
would come face-to-face with one of the finest educational opportunities of
my teaching career!

I showed the tape of "Mysterious Origins" to my science class and we
explored most of its segments point-by-point. The kids were enthralled with
the "Mantracks" segment. They asked to se it twice. It offered
opportunities to explore geology. The kids after viewing your segment then
probed rock formation, rock varieties, age of rock, etc. and were able by
looking at all the evidence come to the conclusion that the tracks were not
human. This is a very valuable experience. Learning that comes from
analysis and synthesis, both higher order thinking skills, has been shown
to be far more likely to be permanent.

And who could forget the memorable "plesiosaur" segment? The kids loved how
your announcer tried to add drama to this segment, which was so easily
explained in the literature did not require much analysis and synthesis,
but the children were beside themselves with laughter, and that too is

Because of your show the students were able to truly understand that
science can be used to misrepresent the truth; thank you for making that
concept so easy to understand. We discussed what true science is. We
discussed what pseudo science is. We even explored the NBC special that ran
a few years ago about the Philippine "psychic surgeons." Doctors that could
operated on patients painlessly and inexpensively using nothing more than
their hands. It's good to see that NBC has kept up its tradition of
presenting pseudo science as good science.

Just look at the lessons your program provided to these children:

1) Adults, even adults in high positions, will tell lies if it suits their

2) Science improperly used can be manipulated to meet those ends.

3) Individuals can no longer trust the media to tell the truth. In this one
valuable lesson alone the kids came to grips with the reality that they are
the ultimate determiners of their own fate. To learn the truth one must
search for it, and not blindly accept everything they hear.

Thank you so much for this wonderful educational service you provided.

The Teachers of Treasure Mountain Middle School
P.O. Box 1920
Park City, Utah 84060

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