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Dinosaur charts

>~s Need Web Site w/ charts and diagrams.
>I've looked all over the web, with various search engines,
>for hours, and can't seem to find them. I'm sure they're
>out there. I'd like to find a site with various charts
>and diagrams, organizing dinosaurs et al. by classification,
>time, etc.

I don't know about time, but my web site has a pretty up-to-date
classification chart. It's at

(The only thing that *may* be wrong is the placement of the
Oviraptorosauria (Elmisauridae+Oviraptoridae). They should probably go in
Maniraptora, along with dromaeosaurids and Archaeopteryx. A new version
of the page, this time with no paraphyletic taxa, will be up soon.)

There is also a very good one at the Dinosaur Reference Center, which has
a link on my page. (Don't remember the URL off the top of my head...)

-T. Mike "Saurophilus" Keesey
Author of the