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Tubinates & Nano T.

Forgive me, I'm coming to both the mailing list and the discussion of
turbinal bones very late.

Has the issue of large, rolled turbinal structures in Nanotyrannus been

What literature I have seen on this feature to date suggests that these
features indicate that Nano was an olfactory hunter.  But shouldn't the
existance of these structures in this small member of the
tyrannosaurids, and their absence in larger members, indicate a possible
vote for the "hybrid" metabolism theory?

Larger tyrannids might have been able to accept outside air without
conditioning, counting on sheer bulk to minimize any heat losses.  Nano,
with considerably less mass, may have been more sensitive to such
losses and may have had a more actively regulated body temperature.

All right, so now everyone can tell me it's been covered everywhere and
I'm simply ignorant.