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falling Tyrannosaurs (was Re: Turbinates and welcome Mark Sumner)

On Mon, 4 Mar 1996, Roger A. Stephenson wrote:

> Speaking of t-rex, in the April issue of Discover there is a short article
> about the danger of a fall. The article seems to say t-rex wouldn't run at
> top speed for fear of fatal falls,

        I can't see tyrannosaurs worried about falling. I doubt 
tyrannosaurs were afraid of much.
        "Nah, won't go hunting today, looks like rain, and I don't want 
to get a cold."
        "Hmmm, a dead hadrosaur. No, a bone might get caught between my 
teeth, leading to gum disease.."

> and discribes the falling impacts with
> some detail. I have to question this because any animal, knowing it's about
> to plow a ditch with it's face, would try to turn a shoulder or something
> to avert just such injury. I don't think a huge brain is needed to practice
> self preservation. Besides that, lions risk deadly injury in every attack
> on large hooved prey, and still they do attack.

        Seriously though, most predators are designed for shocks and 
falls, as in PDW, Paul says that cheetahs fall and shake off the impact. 
The gazelle falls, and breaks its leg.

> > Roger A. Stephenson
                                                Marcus Good
                (who apologises for the lack in seriousness, but it's 8am 
on a Tuesday, and I'm bored. :)