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Turbinates revisited

Thomas Duffy <thomasd@clark.edu> invites corrections:

> I hope this helps a little bit, somebody please correct me if I'm
> mistaken about anything!

Sorry, but I can't help myself; Thomas wrote:

> Respiratory turbinates are the ones that I had been asking about,
> the ones that Paul Ruben considers a criterion for endothermy.

That would be *John* Ruben.  Paul Ruben is almost Peewee Herman (I
think there's an "s" at the end of his name).  But speaking of John,
I've recently contacted him and he gave me some news to share:

       It might interest your readers to know that recently Phil
  Currie brought a newly discovered, virtually perfect Ornithomimus
  skull to Oregon State for CAT-scanning. Just like Nannotyrannus-- no
  RTs and only a very narrow, tubular, lizard-like nasal
  passage. Details to be published soon... On another topic, we also
  have some exciting, but preliminary, evidence that most (but perhaps
  not all) theropods lacked capacity for high rates of oxygen
  consumption during activity (RTs only provide indices of routine,
  non-active lung ventilation and metabolic rates).  More to come on
       Feel free to post this if you like.  -JR

Mickey Rowe     (rowe@lepomis.psych.upenn.edu)