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_ErliKosaurus_ and Pterosaurs

> The former's skull is unknown, only the dentary is known of
> _Alxasaurus_.  Of course, _Erlicosaurus_'s skull is the best
> preserved of any Mesozoic theropod!!

If it is a theropod that is.  By the way, spelling _Erlikosaurus_ with a 'C'
instead of a 'K' is incorrect.  Some have tried to tell people that it should
be spelled with a 'C' because that's what was 'meant' by the authors when it
was named.  First of all, it can't be changed because it was spelled with a
'K' every single time in the paper that described it.  Also, there would be
no change in pronounciation; it would still be 'er - LIY - ko - saw - ruws'.
 I also believe that it would make no difference since you are translating
the word from a different alphabet!  Use the 'K', it is the right way.

I digress... on the list a long time ago, I think I remember hearing about
either Phil Currie or Kevin Padian doing research on pterosaurs and having a
theory about them being theropods!  Has anything come of this?  Am I loosing
my mind?

Peter Buchholz