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Re: falling Tyrannosaurs (was Re: Turbinates and welcome Mark

At 10:07 PM 3/4/96 -0500, Jeffrey Martz wrote:

>>      Seriously though, most predators are designed for shocks and 
>> falls, as in PDW, Paul says that cheetahs fall and shake off the impact. 
>     Exactly how does a tyrannosaur "turn on a shoulder"?  Besides, it 
>wouldn't make it any lighter.  Most predators don't weigh five or six 
>tonnes.  Dropping a large elephant from six feet or so feet in the air 
>would probably not do wonders for its health, particularly if you toss in 
>about fifteen to twenty mph of forward momentum.

   If I recall correctly, elephants have a rather stiff leg system.  A
better place to look might be a rhino.

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