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Anyone know the current status of _Technosaurus_? Apparently, it's now thought
to be a composite composed of both ornithischian and prosauropod elements. This
is new to me, anyone know any more? I gather that this possibility is mentioned
in the Lessem/Glut dinosaur encyclopedia.

Chatterjee's other Dockum tetrapods might also be in trouble. His synapsid jaw
is a fish scale (really? please verify). And what of the poposaurs? Dave Lambert
tells me that _Postosuchus_ is actually composed of 2 taxa: has '_Chatterjeea_'
been formally named and/or described? Due to impending Spanish field trip I
can't afford to get the _Postosuchus_ paper copied myself: annoying. I'll check
out what he says on bipedal locomotion and post some more. But why are
'teratosaurids' restored as low-slung quadrupeds, while poposaurs are dinosaur-
like bipeds? Or am I thinking of pretty poor 'teratosaurid' restorations?

Any help appreciated.

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