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> I digress... on the list a long time ago, I think I remember hearing about
> either Phil Currie or Kevin Padian doing research on pterosaurs and having a
> theory about them being theropods!  Has anything come of this?  Am I loosing
> my mind?
> Peter Buchholz
> Stang1996@aol.com

I mentioned this eons ago: it comes from Phil Currie wonderful book 'The Flying
Dinosaurs'. Unfortunately, it's a very elusive and apocryphal comment: 'It is
conceivable too that pterosaurs will one day be seen as an offshoot of the
carnivorous dinosaurs' or something like that. I wrote to Currie about it but
he generally can't deal with correspondence from 'fans' as he gets too much: he
instead suggested I query him via email - etiquette denotes that I don't
broadcast his domain here however. Is that on? 

"That's just a reflex action"

DARREN 'Can I dig dinos too?' NAISH