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Sources of OLD Paleo Texts of Potomac Group Fauna Wanted

Hello all.

My apologies to those who may feel I am adding to wasted bandwidth.
I am looking for sources of OLD, out of print, and rare books. I am doing
some research on the fauna and flora of the Arundel Formation of the Potomac
Group of Maryland. The reason I ask for the "old" stuff is that is when the
last time any major monographs/papers were published. Specifically, I am
looking to obtain photocopies, reprints, or actual copies of the original
texts (as long as I can afford them) of O. C. Marsh,  ca 1888 & 1896, R. S.
Lull, ca, 1911,  C. W. Gilmore, ca 1921, and 1939,  and A. B. Bibbins, ca,
Oct 1895. Or any Md. Geological Survey Publications prior to 1930.

In the interest of brevity I have left out the titles. Those of you who are
familiar with these authors will know what I refer to.

Please, if anyone has a mail order adress that may have any of the above, or
who may have or know someone who may have the actual texts, I would be both
very appreciative and indebted to you. Please direct all replies to me off

And yes I have checked the Survey and Libraries!

Thanks Very Much!

Thomas R. Lipka
Paleontological/Geological Studies