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Nick Pharris wrote:
>_Pachyrhinosaurus_ and is named after Achelous, a character in Greek 
>mythology who turned himself into a bull and had one of his horns >torn 
>off (by Heracles?).  Hence _Achelousaurus_ refers to the hornless 
>dinosaur, while _Einiosaurus procurvicornis_ is the "bison 
>lizard with the forwardly curving horn."

The mythology is correct; however, if I recall correctly, in Sampson's JVP
paper the etymology states that the name was chosen to reflect the
transitional state of Achelosaurus with reference to the shape changing
ability of Achelosaurus. The loss of a horn by Achelosaurus at the hands of
Heracles appears to have no bearing on the meaning of the name as applied to
the dinosaur. Sorry if this appears to be nit-picking, but shouldn't we
stick with the author's intentions?
Graeme Worth.