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Tenn. 2nd Monkey Trial

I know that that is more of a general topic than one of immense
paleontological concern but since we are talking about the gov.
regulating evolution teaching I think it is revealent.

>told that evolution was taught as fact in Tennessee schools.  
>Did not specify which ones.
Something like this truly bothers me.  When a senator or any
ploitician takes a stand on an issue, I believe that they should
be able to provide sound evidence for their case.  Instead, it
seems that more and more, they are realying on pseudofact
and catch-alls to back up their case.

Sorry for the diversion but I wanted to call everyones attention
to this.  If their are any responses to this please mail me 


Josh C. Hickman
Godspeed friend,
       Josh    -{------