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Dino Noises

>       Did not someone o\n one of Discovery Channels PaleoWorld programs 
>make a rough duplicate of a Parasaurolophus resonating chamber and blow 
>it to produce a low frequency moan? It is still nice to have asecond 

Yup, it was done by David Weishampel. Mad eit out of plumbing pipe, and
then he just blew into one end, and out came a cool sound!

There was also a report just a couple of uears ago in new Scientists on
this acoustical scientist who figured out opn a computer how a Trex and
some other dinos woudl sound(at least he thought it was). Of course this
still probably speculatin, but he said that a trex would hvae growled like
a hungry stomach! Albiet, a little louder...