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In reply to Darren Naish's question re Technosaurus, a quote from the Hunt
and Lucas 1994 paper on ornithischians:
"Technosaurus smalli was named by Chatterjee on the basis of cranial and
post cranial material from the Cooper member of the Dockum Formation of
Texas. Sereno has demonstrated that the holotype includes the right dentary
of an ornithischian and part of the lower jaw and premaxilla of a small
prosauropod. The associated astralagus is not recognisable as such. Thus we
designate a lectotype from the syntypes of T. smalli (TTUP P 9021), right
dentary. We remove the other specimens included under TTUP P 9021 and follow
Sereno in identifying them as Prosauropoda indet. T. smalli is known only
from the Cooper Member of the Dockum Formation in W. Texas (early Norian)."
Hope this helps,
Graeme Worth