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Re: dinosaur skull bring a cry from the past

In a message dated 96-03-06 15:55:15 EST, you write:

>>Ben and Martin,
>>      Did not someone o\n one of Discovery Channels PaleoWorld programs
>>make a rough duplicate of a Parasaurolophus resonating chamber and blow
>>it to produce a low frequency moan? It is still nice to have asecond
>You are right.  Several seasons ago a program surrounding the
>_Parasaurolophus_ and its resonating chamber was aired.
>I do not recall the gentlemans name though...
>He used a piece of PVC pipe shaped like the resonating chamber.  The sound
>came out something like an out
>of tune trombone.  

I don't remember which program it was, but I did tape it anf the person who
reconstructed the Parasaurolophus was none other than Dave Weishampel. The
only thing I saw that _would_ seem to be a problem is that the volume and
force of the air that he blew into the simulated crest had to be too small.
The lungs of a ~6 ft. tall human could not possibly expel enough air to equal
that  of a large  ornithopod. I would suggest using something with a larger
volume of air to simulate a _dinosaur_ lung and adding a little more force.
It may not change the frequency of the sound much but it may change the

Thomas R. Lipka
Paleontological/Geological Studies