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Re: Cenozoic dinosaurs???!!!

> When large-eyed hypsilophodont dinosaurs were found in
> early Cretaceous deposits of Victoria, they were used as evidence against a
> "Nuclear Winter" type extinction scenario (such as a meteorite impact may
> have triggered) because they were too small to migrate in and out of the
> area each year and they were living in Anctartic conditions of 6-month
> nights (hence the large eyes). If they could survive that, or so the
> argument goes, surely they could survive a shut-down of sunlight by a
> meteorite impact.

No, the source I'm referring to had it the other way round.  The 
argument was: If they could endure a 6-month polar night, they could 
survive a "Nuclear Winter" type impact at the K/T boundary.  Sure, 
dinosaurs are not known from the early Tertiary in Australia, but 
Paleocene/Eocene fossil sites are very rare DownUnder.  But, yes, I 
would be VERY surprised if dinosaurs (not re-worked ones) turned up in 
Tertiary deposits ANYWHERE in the world.