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Dinosaur Genera List corrections #42

Mike Brett-Surman recently notified me of the following dinosaur name printed
as a caption on a Brazilian dinosaur postage stamp:

_Angaturama limai_ [Anonymous] 1995 [nomen nudum]

The illustration on the stamp shows a "man-size" fish-eating theropod with
tridactyl manus. I speculate that this dinosaur is a form from the famous
Santana Formation being worked on by Alexander Kellner (and others?), but I
have little other information about it. It may be a spinosaurian. In any
case, the name _is published_, although without description (or author), and
thus belongs in the Dinosaur Genera List.

Earlier this week, John Schneiderman reported publication, again without
description, of the name

_Nedcolbertia whittlei_ [Anonymous] 1996 [nomen nudum]

in Dinamation's periodical _Paleo Horizons_ _2_(2): 2 as an anonymous news

This is a small theropod intermediate between _Ornitholestes_ and a
supposedly primitive ornithomimosaur informally named "Arkansaurus fridayi."
It was contemporary with _Utahraptor_ from the Cedar Mountain Formation. The
remains (three partial skeletons: 1 juvenile, 2 subadults) were fully
described (but without a name) in the abstract of Jim Kirkland, Brooks Britt,
and Jim Madsen's talk at the 1995 SVP meeting in Pittsburgh (JVP 15(3
supplement): page 39A. They presumably have a paper in press or in
preparation on this dinosaur.

So add these two entries to the Dinosaur Genera List:

_Angaturama_ [Anonymous] 1995 [nomen nudum]
_Nedcolbertia_ [Anonymous] 1996 [nomen nudum]

Dinosaur genera count bumps up to 781