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RE:dinosaur skull....

>The lungs of a ~6 ft. tall human could not possibly expel enough >air to equal
>that  of a large  ornithopod. I would suggest using something >with a larger
>volume of air to simulate a _dinosaur_ lung and adding a little >more force.
>It may not change the frequency of the sound much but it may >change the

>From my own experience, playing the baritone, trumpet, and trombone, I would
have to dispute this somewhat.  If the ammount of air produced by the lungs
is sufficient to fill the space in the pipes (resonating cavity) then the
sound between the _Parasaurolophus_ and the human would not differ greatly.
You can only force so much air through a tube at one time.

The _Parasaurolophus_, though, most likely had some device to vary sounds.
Pitch is not varied by the ammount of air, volume is.  Pitch is varied by
the length of the chambers and how the air is entered into the tube.  If it
is blown through a small hole then you have a high pitched noise and with
each decending size you 
get a lower note.

Josh C. Hickman
Godspeed friend,
       Josh    -{------