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big eyes

        Does anybody know of animals that do live in the polar regions 
and stay active all year round, and if they do have larger eyes? I'm 
pretty sure snowshoe hares are active year-round, along with ptarmigan, I 
don't know about arctic foxes... Well, heck, there's musk oxen, caribou, 
etc. It wouldn't seem like too much of a project to compare the eye 
sockets/ optic lobes of these animals and see if they do vary from their 
more temperate relatives.

        And as for not being able to finish off the polar dinosaurs: 
dinosaurs were so darn diverse, spread out over so many continents, 
occupying so many niches, it's sometimes difficult to believe they 
went extinct at all (except for birds, of course). The (sad?) fact 
remains, they did, somehow. But the same goes for nautiloids, trilobytes, 
etc. Being diverse is no guarantee of anything, it would seem.