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Dear All:

Let's call time out on this Tenn. stuff. I suggest we stop the bickering and
do something else with this list. No one is going to change any one else. Our
hardware (brain) gets progammed with software the first few years and nobody
going to change it.  How about people telling stories of their field
work..fossil discoveries , anecdotes etc.

My wife and I spook the American west every fall now that I am
retired(semi-retired..I still teach for peanut butter and jelly money).  Four
years ago we were making our way up a trail near Checkerboard   Mesa in Zion.
My wife is an archaeologist and is always watching the ground. I'm a
paleontologist/geologist who is also a fanatic for black and white
photography so I'm looking for compositions. She called me over to look at a
flat 3 ft. wide boulder. I grunted and said "Yea it looks great". Anyway, on
the way back down the draw she called me over again. I went knowing that it
was  probably some "parking lot rock" that she found. No way. fantastic.
beautiful skin impression of a big dinosaur. We sat there looking at the
tile-like markings wondering what kind of beast made it. 

We walked back up the canyon and got to a point where the walls narrowed. The
big boulder fell down from high up. needless to say,if you know anything
about Zion the walls are unclimbable...at  least for a semi-retired,
semi-grouchy geologist. No bones...just skin...a strange legacy for a
forgotten critter. 

The boulder is still there but the skin impressions are just about gone.
Nothing lasts.