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Re: _Parasaurolophus'_ crest and how much we can't deduce from it.

>So what if the nose cavity can make predicted noises based on shape.
>You can't figure out the tooting pressure on it, however, till you can
>define the maximum lung power of a Parasaurolophus, and everytime I
>hear someone trying to tootle thier nose bones, they seem to be
>leaving this litle detail out.  What is being done to figure out
>breath-holding capacity here?  I see no Cretaceous Dizzy
>Gillespies......no cheeks for puffing with, so it's all gotta be lung

Agreed.  As a follow-up experiment, one should hook up Weishample's
 Para-crest model to a good quality air compressor, and blast a dino sized
 blast of air into it (one may want to coat the inside of the piping with a
 gel of some kind to simulate living tissue).  Perhaps, one could also use a
 set of springs wrapped in rubber to simulate a larynx (set it up so the
 larynx can be reshaped easily).  This would probably be a great clue into
 how Para's song really sounded.

MacGyver, eat your heart out!


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