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Nonsense about Sue on the Berkeley web pages

Looking at the Berkeley "web museum" discussion of T. rex, I found this (I
was enjoying the display until then...):

"One excellent specimen (about as complete as and larger than our
specimen), affectionately called "Sue," is currently in the hands of a
fossil collecting corporation, which is embroiled in a bitter lawsuit
with those people (paleontologists included) that strongly believe
that fossils should remain in the hands of the public for research and
education, not sold to the highest bidder as a curiosity. Sadly,
"Sue"'s fate is hanging in the balance..."

Even without the loaded phrasing and generally whiny tone, and even
ignoring the complete untruth (BHRI was not embroiled in a lawsuit with any
"people," but with the government) . . . even ignoring all that, this
little homily is grossly out of date, since (as everybody but the experts
at Berkeley know) our beneficient government took Sue away from the wicked
corporation and its museum, and stopped the evil researchers that were
studying her, and put the terrible nasty collector in jail, and now the
**original landowner** can sell Sue to the highest bidder as a curiosity.

I didn't find an autoreply link on the pages. Can somebody pass this
information on to Berkeley?

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