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Re: Nonsense about Sue on the Berkeley web pages

>Even without the loaded phrasing and generally whiny tone, and even
>ignoring the complete untruth (BHRI was not embroiled in a lawsuit with any
>"people," but with the government) . . . even ignoring all that, this
>little homily is grossly out of date, since (as everybody but the experts
>at Berkeley know) our beneficient government took Sue away from the wicked
>corporation and its museum, and stopped the evil researchers that were
>studying her, and put the terrible nasty collector in jail, and now the
>**original landowner** can sell Sue to the highest bidder as a curiosity.
>I didn't find an autoreply link on the pages. Can somebody pass this
>information on to Berkeley?

Information received. Thanks for pointing that out. As a representative of
the UCMP, I apologize on their behalf for any outdated/incorrect
statements. We have put over 2000 web pages in place in the last couple of
years. Roughly 6 people are involved with the upkeep of these sites, so we
are fighting a losing battle to both keep them update and 100.00% correct,
especially since roughly 1 page goes up every day, and we have no full-time

Whiny tone? I've heard whining on both "sides" of the issue. Sarcasm, too.

Loaded phrasing? Museums are run by individuals, individuals have opinions,
and hence museums can often portray opinions (gross oversimplification,
sure). I don't care to discuss the S-- issue, as it is simply a matter of
opinion, and truthfully not that exciting of an issue to me.

In regards to the errors -- personal or institutional opinions aside --
they will be corrected ASAP as is proper. Further errors can be addressed
to me or to the authors of the pages, accessible at the bottom of each
page. Thanks again for voicing your concerns.

--John R. Hutchinson