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T. rex hunting

Just a few speculative thoughts on T. rex relating to running/hunting.
Firstly, where was T. rex likely to be hunting - anyone know? It would seem
highly unlikely to be out in the open where any potential prey would spot
something the size of a large tyrannosaur miles away. In addition, pursuing
prey in this type of environment equires more than speed - it needs
considerable agility (witness the ability of a cheetah to change direction
radiply while at top speed - could T. rex do that?). 
Similarly, heavy forest might pose a problem for an animal that large just
getting through it. The most likely scenario would then seem to be fairly
open woodland where there is enough cover to make hunting a reasonable
proposition. In this sort of environment ambush techniques would be likely,
so top speed would only be required for a very short distance.
If these suppositions are anywhere near correct, the problem of T. rex
falling would be dramatically reduced - it would only be an animal who was
itself terrified of something (rare!?) or desperate enough to try and run
down prey over a distance when its preferred strategies had for some reason
not worked that would be running at top speed over long enough distances to
make the possibility of tripping high enough to cause problems.
For some really wild speculation, try this! T. rex hunted by ambush, maybe
near water(?) by concealing itself in the undergrowth (yeah, OK, pretty big
undergrowth). Prey comes along, T. rex waits till the appropriate moment
then lunges forward with that enormous head and jaws, breaking the neck of
the unfortunate hadrosaur that had strayed too close. What might be a useful
adaptation for this type of attack? How about greatly reduced forearms to
streamline the top half of the body for that explosive lunge through the
concealing vegetation? (I warned you it was wildly speculative!).
Well back to more mundane concerns,
Graeme Worth