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Dino Article in High Country News

For the information of all on the list, the High Country News of Paonia, 
CO has a cover story cover on its March 4, 1996 issue entitled "Who Owns 
These Bones?"  A believe they will send a free sample issue to anyone 
requesting it through email at  HCNVIRO@aol.com

They also have a web page at http://www.infosphere.com/HCN with the 
current issue's stories posted. However, when I checked this morning, the 
March 4, stories were not posted yet (it still shows the Feb. 19 issue 

All I will say about this article at this point is that it is 
interesting, and leave it open to others on the list to comment on it if 
anyone else has seen it. 

It makes some mention of the 1996 Fossil Preservation Act which was
introduced to coincide with the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show last month. 
The act as proposed would allow the public to collect anything they find
on the surface or can collect with hand tools, and was introduced by a
South Dakota congressman, I believe. 

Bill Hansen
Area Geologist-BLM
Great Falls, MT