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Re: Re: "Good Mother"- or "Mommie Dearest"-lizard????

>At 04:33 PM 3/10/96 -0500, Dave Hardenbrook wrote:
>>The current issue of _Earth_ magazine has an article that refutes
>>caring for its young -- They said that new evidence indicates that hatchling
>>Maiasaura could walk fine right away and were not restricted to the nest,
>>therefore zero parental care existed in these animals (seems to me a big
>>in logic).
>   Who wrote it and are they dinosaur paleontologists?

I haven't seen the Earth article yet, but Dave Unwin, at the 199(3?) SVP
meeting, presented data showing that the _Maiasaura_ "hatchlings" fit
comfortably within the volume of the eggs, and may indeed be embryos.  If
this is true, the poorly formed limb joints would not indicate altriciality
per se, since all organisms tend to be a bit "altricial" as embryos...

P.S. "Altricial" refers to the helpless condition of many newborn organisms
(humans being a prime example), as opposed to "precocial", animals which are
up and about shortly after hatching/birth (such as many hoofed mammals).

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