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Re: Nonsense about Sue on the Berkeley web pages

        I think I'd better clear some stuff up before more people flame me
about the mistakes on the T. rex web sites. I freely admit that I wrote the
material, quite a while ago. My opinions about the S-- issue have changed
since then, so I've deleted the entire blurb.
        I also admit that there were inexcusable errors; I'm afraid that my
source was in error, and I fell victim to the Creeping Fox Terrier Clone
syndrome (for the Gould readers).

I said:
>I don't care to discuss the S-- issue, as it is simply a matter of
>opinion, and truthfully not that exciting of an issue to me.

I stand by that statement; I don't know the individual involved in the
mess, so it's hard for me to sympathize with him, especially when he
(knowingly or not) broke the law (fair law or not). It's certainly
unfortunate for him that the government made an example of him. I hope that
the individual has a short and safe stay in jail, and that he maybe learns
a lesson.

[deep breath] There. That's all I have to say. It's a sensitive issue, and
personally, I think it's really none of my business. I'm sorry if I rubbed
people the wrong way with any of those statements.

I apologize again on behalf of the UCMP for the errors. Have a smurfy day.

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