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I have been trying, thus far with notable lack of success, to get from
inter-library loan copies of the following publications:

J.L. Sanz and A.D. Buscalioni.  1993.  An isolated bird foot from the 
  Barremian (Lower Cretaceous)...Geobios 16: 213-217

Zhou Z., Jin F., and Zhang J.  1992.  Preliminary report on a Mesozoic
  bird from Liaoning, China.  Chinese Science Bulletin 37 (16): 1365-

If any of you folks out there in etherland has a copy of either of these
papers, would you kindly have a look at them, and see if either of them
reports measurements of pedal phalanges?  And if they do, would you
send me xeroxes of said articles to:

    J.O. Farlow, Dept. of Geosciences, IPFW, 2101 Coliseum Boulevard East,
    Fort Wayne, IN  46805  USA