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What it takes to study dinosaurs??

Some questions about what it takes to become a paleontologist/
"dinosaurologist"--seeking answers from professionals/students! 

I am nearly done with 2 years of community college.  I have no
major and have just been taking general courses to find out what
appeals to me.  Dinosaurs are one of many interests for me.

I have asked a couple of teachers at my school (a geologist and
an anthropologist) about paleontology.  Both have told me that
paleontology is a branch of geology, and that one has to get
at least through a master's degree in geology before really being
able to pursue paleontology, but that a background in biology is

Much of the discussion I see on this list seems far more biology- than
geology-based.  Every once in a while I also see someone refer to themself
as a "dinosaurologist" rather than a paleontologist. Is "dinosaurology" a
specialized branch of paleontology or is it really something separate?

[Allow me to be blunt--I am interested in
dinosaurs and in biology but honestly have no interest in geology
whatsoever.  If it looks like I'm trying to find a way to study
dinosaurs without studying geology--that's exactly what I'm trying
to do!  I am well aware this may be a completely unrealistic
goal, but I have never been able to get any definite answers to
my questions; my ignorance about all this is WHY I'm posing these
questions here.]

Personal mail is fine--any advice at all would be greatly

Thomas Duffy