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Re: What it takes to study dinosaurs??

I'm currently in a similar boat. The uni that I am at does teach palaeo, 
but since Western Australia is a mining state, there is very little 
emphasis on it. So much so that our semester of palaeo has now been 
changed to six weeks, and combined with stratigraphy. Now, considering 
the only reason I'm even at uni is to study palaeo, I feel a bit cheated. 

I also agree with respect to the biological side. To me, palaeo is more 
of a biological than geological science. I do understand that some 
knowledge of geo is essential to the study, but since here all they talk 
about is petrography, and the mining side, I am very disillusioned with 
the whole tertiary study thing. I'm hoping that one day I will be able to 
go overseas and study, where there are good resources, or even as far as 
Victoria ( Dinosaur Cove !!!).

My advice (if you want a bit :)) is to do a multi-disciplinary science 
that allows you to do a major in biology, and a minor in geo. This way, 
you can get the best of both worlds. 

                                                All the best,
                                                        Marcus Good.