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Jerry Harris recently sent me the following and said I could pass it
along to the list:

> >Any chance that _Nedcolbertia_ is the 'possible second species of
> >_Ornitholestes_' reported from the American west sometime last year?
>         Possibly, but I don't think so.  The second species of
> _Ornitholestes_ was a fossil dug up by a crew from the South Dakota School
> of Mines in Wyoming; reportedly a fairly complete skeleton, found literally
> just around the corner from a very productive Morrison Fm. mammal locality.
> As far as I know, the specimen was being excavated by John Foster, who was
> interning at the Denver Museum of Natural History and a grad student at the
> University of Colorado, Boulder at the time.  (This all came to me more
> from Gordon Bell of the SDSM, though!)
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Honouring colleagues through the coining of new taxa is noble and polite but I
really think the animals themselves are the ones that should be honoured. Few
formal archosaur names remark upon the fantastic nature of their bearers (but
with a few good exceptions: e.g. _Tyrannosaurus rex_, _Dinotyrannus_). Nyark
nyark.. winge winge... "Some of the people some of the time, never all of the
people all of the time". Don't get personal.

"D'you ever watch TV? Oh, it's in 2 dimensions, you couldn't see it"