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Sounds stupid I know: a new rumour here is that someone has shown, or
is showing, that _Tyrannosaurus_ walked quadrupedally. Apparently,
this was reported in one of our national newspapers - not by
coincidence, I had a drawing of a quadrupedal tyrannosaur biting a
plant in my pigeon-hole this morning.


I've just got my copy of Karl Shuker's new book 'In Search of Prehistoric
Survivors'. Teratorns, diprotodonts, sthenurine kangaroos, _Megalania_,
archaeocetes, megatheres, sauropods, you name it - there in here. To give you
an idea of the palaeozoological pitch in the volume, make a conclusion based on
this paragraph:

'Like the pliosaurs, mosasaurs had a very large head with long jaws that
contained many conical teeth for breaking open ammonites, trilobites, and other
shelled marine life' (p. 115).

"I'll say this much! If you thunderlizards so much as lay one hand on
me, I'll..  I'll.. I'll.."
"You'll WHAT, fool?"
"I'll SUE!"