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The fossil  I found was a skin impression. I know what you are talking about
since I have seen lots of those foissils  in the  Appalachians. The rocks in
the area of the Checkerboard Mesa in the east central part of Zion  National
Park  are Mesozoic and undoubtedly Jurassic age. The rocks are the typical
cross bedded, wind deposited dune sands of the Navajo formation which crop
out extensively in the Utah, Arizona, Colorado area.  

The time of the scale trees of which you  speak  is separated from the rocks
of the Zion Canyon area by many tens of millions of years.

Also, after returning from that initial trip I spent lots of time  in the
USGS library in Menlo Park looking up everything I could find on dino skins.
The illustrated dino skin impressions and my fossil looked so much alike that
i would stake the rest of my semi-retired, arthritic ridden life on it.