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Re: quadrupedal tyrannosaurs

>Sounds stupid I know: a new rumour here is that someone has shown, or
>is showing, that _Tyrannosaurus_ walked quadrupedally. Apparently,
>this was reported in one of our national newspapers - not by
>coincidence, I had a drawing of a quadrupedal tyrannosaur biting a
>plant in my pigeon-hole this morning.

I read a similar story while in the UK and the version I got was that it was
Iguanodon that had now been reclassified as (partially) quadrupedal and that
one of the best known examples had just been re-mounted to reflect this
(think the article was in the London Times). Unfortunately I did not keep
the cutting and do not remember which museum/paleontologist was involved but
I am sure that it did not concern a tyrannosaur as then I would have kept
the cutting. Maybe this was the source of the rumour?

MaryRose Hoare
MaryRose Hoare
Den Haag (a.k.a. The Hague), The Netherlands