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Re: Etomology

At 09:02 AM 3/13/96 -0500, Paul Willis wrote:
>Ok, here are the etomology of some dinosaur names. Can any one tell me why
>these names were used?
>Allosaurus,"Other Lizard", (Other than what?)
>Plateosaurus, "flat Lizard", (A road-kill perhaps?)
>Dryosaurus, "Oak Lizard", (A possible animal-vegetable combination?)
>Apatosaurus, "Deceptive LIzard" (In hindsight, a useful name, but why did
>it get it in the first place?)

    Just FYI for the list.  I received yesterday a dictionary of the correct
etymology for every dinosaur genus, several bird genera, and some higher
level taxon.  It will be published as one of two new volumes to the Dinosaur
Mailing List Omnipedia on Monday, March 18.

    Here's the entry for Allosaurus (Copyright 1996 Ben Creisler):

<P><I>Allosaurus</I>:  Marsh 1877 "strange (vertebra) lizard" Marsh says:
"distinguished from any known Dinosaurs by the vertebrae which are
peculiarly modified to ensure lightness.  Although apparently not pneumatic,
they have the weight of the centra greatly reduced by deep excavations in
the sides," resulting in an unusual constricted hourglass shape with "the
middle part being so diminished as to greatly reduce the strength," thus the
species name <I>fragilis</I> "fragile." (not "leaping lizard"). Theropoda

   I can't help you yet with the rest.  As you can see by the above I am in
the process of translating the document and things are a bit of a mess at
the moment.

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