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Re: Etomology

At 09:02 AM 3/13/96 -0500, Paul Willis wrote:
>Apatosaurus, "Deceptive LIzard" (In hindsight, a useful name, but why did
>it get it in the first place?)

   Whoops, missed this one in my first post (I have the A's done):

<P><I>Apatosaurus</I>:  Marsh 1877 "deceptive (chevron) lizard" Marsh says:
"The chevron bones differ from those of most known Dinosaurs in having the
superior articular ends of the rami not united, but separated from each
other, as in the Mosasauria with free haemapophyses." Marsh thus thought
some of the Y-shaped arches on the underside of the tail were deceptively
like those found in <I>Tylosaurus</I> and <I>Platecarpus</I>, mosasaurs in
which the chevrons are not fused to the centra as they are in
<I>Mosasaurus</I> and <I>Clidastes</I>. (not "headless lizard") Sauropoda

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