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Re: Help with long words

From: "Sharon A. Hill (717) 621-3118" <HILL.SHARON@a1.pader.gov>
 >      These are from The Dinosauria:
 >      1. near-monospecific dinosaur thanatocoenoses

Let's break this up into pieces.

coenose = assemblage of fossils.

thanatocoenose = "death assemblage" (from "thanatos"="death"). This
refers to a collection of fossils that formed at the actual place
of death.

monospecific = "of one species"

Thus the term means "a large assemblage of fossils, almost all of one
species, found in the place they died". (Note how much longer this
is than the technical term).

A good example is the Ghost Ranch quarry (Coelophysis or Rioarribasaurus,
 depending on who is talking).

 >      2. ichnocoenoses

ichno- = "trace" or "track". (In fossils terms it refers to fossils
other than body parts - like burrows, tracks and so forth).

ichnocoenose = "assemblage of trace fossils".

In this context it has to refer to what are also called "tracksites",
that is locales with lots of trackways.

 > (I wish they would explain these utterly
 > foreign words and phrases just a little)

_The Dinosauria_ was not intended as a popular book, it is a highly
technical one, and it is appropriate for it to assume that the reader
understands the standard terminology of the field.

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