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Cincinnati Fossil Festival

Cincinnati Fossil Festival

APRIL 20-21, 1996

Sponsored by the Procter & Gamble Company, Paleontological Society, 
University of Cincinnati, Dry Dredgers, Wodecroft Foundation, Peterloon 

In Cincinnati an ancient world awaits anyone who wants to discover it! 
The rocks on which our city is built provide a unique glimpse into 
"deep time", as the Earth was 450 million years ago during the 
Ordovician period. They tell the story of when Cincinnati lay under a 
hundred feet of water, submerged beneath a vast sea. And in that sea 
lived an exciting variety of weird animals whose remains provide us 
with perhaps the finest fossils found anywhere on Earth! Come share 
the wonder at our Fossil Festival, celebrating Cincinnati's unique fossil 

Cincinnati in Deep Time

Learn just what Cincinnati was like at the time, and meet the animals 
who lived here. Experts from all over the country and beyond will 
recreate the city's life and times 450 million years ago. The 
presentations are aimed at complete beginners, so come along and have 
some Ordovician fun!

When: Saturday April 20: 
Time: 9 am to noon
Where: Museum Center Auditorium. 
Cost: Free

Fossil Bonanza!
Have you kept a fossil for years, and you don't know what it is? 
Now's your best chance ever to get it identified. Bring in your fossils 
for identification by the world's leading experts. This is also a lifetime 
chance to see some of the best private collections of Cincinnati Fossils. 
Local amateur collectors will display the pick of their collections as a 
one-time service to the community. 

When: Saturday April 20: 
Time: 1 to 5 pm
Where: Museum of Natural History and Science 
Cost: Free with MNHS entrance

Kids' Program:

Watch "Monsters of the Ordovician" a 30 minute presentation on 
Cincinnati's ancient past

When: Saturday April 20: 
Time: 1.30 to 2 pm
Where: Museum of Natural History and Science, Trilobite Classroom 
Cost: Free with MNHS entrance

Also, check out the display "Spineless Wonders Art Competition" To 
make sure your entry is considered see below! 

Fieldtrip Program

Come collect your own fossils in the field and get then identified by 
joining us at some of the best sites for finding fossils in the Cincinnati 
region! Learn useful collecting tips from the leading amateur and 
professional paleontologists. We will have three collecting sites open, 
each staffed with people eager to identify your finds, and answer your 
fossil questions! For site information pick up a map at the Museum 
Center, or from Festival staff at Caesar's Creek.

When: Sunday April 21: 
Time: 10 am to 4 pm at each site
Where: Caesar Creek State Park, Clarkville Road, off SR-73, 6 miles 
west of junction with I-71. 
Cost: Free

Caesar Creek is not only a famous site for finding great fossils, it's 
also easy to get to, and has ample parking and other facilities. Take 
Hwy 71 north about 30 miles from Cincinnati, exit west onto SR 73, 
and follow the signs for the park and visitor center on Clarkville Road. 
Those who want to collect fossils at Caesar's Creek must first go to the 
visitor center and ask for a free collecting permit. For more information 
call (513) 897-1050. 

Special Opening of the Karl E. Limper Geology Museum

In addition to the field program, the Karl E. Limper Geology Museum, 
Miami University has agreed to a special opening. The Limper 
Museum has a fine collection of fossils from the local area, with some 
3200 specimens on display, and has facilities for the physically 

When: Sunday, April 21
Time: 10 am to 4 pm
Where: Shidler Hall of the Miami University Campus in Oxford, Ohio, 
at the corner of Spring Street and US 27. 

For more information call: Joe Marak (513) 529-3220.


Recreate Cincinnati 450 million years ago - in the Ordovician time 
period. That's before the Reds And Bengals, the glaciers, before 
Jurassic Park (and ALL the dinosaurs) yes - way before! Back when 
your playground was a sea! Show us what Cincinnati looked like! 
Draw the local seafloor 450 million years ago in the Ordovician period, 
Ordovician sea creatures at home, or your favorite Cincinnati fossil. 
Use pencils, crayons, paints, markers, construction paper - anything 
you like - just make sure that we can hang it on the wall. Class projects 
also welcome. 

Open to all ages in the following entry categories: Six years old and 
under; 1-3 grade; 4-6 grade, 7-8 grade; Highschool. 


        Entries must show the animals or sea life of Cincinnati 450     
                million years ago.
        Only one entry per class, and/or one per individual.
        All entries must be no larger than 20" x 14" (51 x 36 cm).
        Any materials may be used for construction or coloring, as long 
                as they are not too heavy!
        All entries must lie flat and be able to hang on a wall supported 
                by double sided tape.
        Entries should not be matted, or mounted in any other way.

        All entries must have the teacher's name, grade or age group, 
                school, school address and school phone number  
                written on the back


        All entries must have the individual's, grade or age group,     
                home address and home phone number written on the 

Entries will be displayed, subject to space availability, on Saturday 
April 20 at in the Museum of Natural History and Science at the 
Cincinnati Fossil Festival. Entries can be collected from 4 - 5 pm on 
that day, otherwise they will become property of the Museum of 
Natural History and Science. All those who collect their artwork on 
that day will receive a special "Certificate of Participation". 

A panel of teachers, Museum staff, and paleontologists will chose the 3 
winning entries from each category for both individual and class 
projects. The winning classes will receive a free behind-the-scenes 
field trip for their class (up to 30 students) to the Geier Collections and 
Research Center, and first place individual winners get free 
membership of the Museum! Winners announced at 4 pm in the Trilobite

All entries should be mailed or dropped off no later than April 7 1996 
to "Spineless Wonders" Geier Collections and Research Center, 
Cincinnati Museum of Natural History and Science, 1720 Gilbert 
Avenue, Cincinnati. OH 45202 between 9 am - 5 pm Monday through 
Fridays. For more information call 345-8500.

Psst.... Need some help to get started? Check out the "Cincinnati 
Fossils" book, edited by R.A. Davis, published by the Cincinnati 
Museum of Natural History, available at the Museum shop or your 
local library.

The Museum Center is making a list of important fossil sites in the 
Cincinnati area. For only $5 you can make sure your backyard makes 
the list! Just send in the details listed below and you'll receive a 
handsome Cincinnati Fossil Site Certificate (signed by a real 
paleontologist!) naming your backyard as one of the Museum's official 
fossil sites. All proceeds go to support the Museum's paleontological 
outreach program. 

Send your name, address, phone number, the name of the person as it 
is to appear on the certificate, the address of the site, and a check 
payable to the Cincinnati Museum Center to: Fossil Site Certificate, 
Geier Collections and Research Center, 170 Gilbert Avenue, 
Cincinnati, OH 45202. 

The Festival is being organized by a group of professional and amateur 
paleontologists in the city to help promote understanding and 
appreciation of our ancient heritage. 

For more information on all aspects of the Festival, 
call  (513) 345 8500, or e-mail Nigel.Hughes@uc.edu