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Summary of responses and THANKS

Hello, just a quick note to say THANK YOU to everybody who
took the time to respond to my questions.  I got more advice
overnight than I have from anybody at my school in the past

I'll summarize the main themes that everyone seemed to hit
on, for those who are curious:

 - Major in biology, minor in geology; the "well-balanced"
 paleontologist needs a background in both disciplines.
 - Don't expect to make a lot of money or even be guaranteed
 a job in paleontology.
 - If you're really interested in financial stability, get
 a stronger education in geology.
 ...In addition, it seems that the approach to paleontology
 (whether more biology- or geology-based) can differ
 considerably from school to school.

Of course I got a lot more input than that, but I heard so
many different points of view that it's hard to make
generalizations about what "everybody" said.  Anybody who's
curious and wants more detail can send me e-mail and I'll
forward my responses to them.

Thanks again,
Thomas Duffy