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On Wed, 13 Mar 1996, Van and Kathy Smith wrote:

[bit deleted]
> Given enough time it would obviously be possible to create an endothermic
> croc through selective breeding,  but the big question is how long would the
> process take?  Another good question is why would you want to do this, other
> than it would be neat, 

        Well, there would have to be a market really, or else funding 
would never have been available. <Shades of Jurassic Park> Security firms 
might not need dogs, preferring crocs

> but if the feat was accomplished easily, many 
> questions about dinosaurian endothermy might be answered.
> V.
> Van Smith
> vksmith@ix.netcom.com

        Does anyone recall seeing a Weekly World News article about 6 
months ago, regarding some scientists who hybridized a cat and a snake? 
Supposedly the beast was a warm blooded, hairy snake.....:)