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re:T rex hunting techniques

Betty Cunningham writes;

>Now how easy would it be for an animal that can't see where it's own
>feet are, which is paying attention to what ever it's chasing, that
>may be walking or running over cross-country terrain, to trip?  I
>wouldn't do the things that T rex probably did at a run, but then,
>I've got a bigger brain, and I'm not extinct yet.

This is probably a question of training.

If one spends their life pursuing prey in an obstacle-course environment, then
one will tend to get rather good at it.  As a chick, the young rex would be
practicing the skills it needs as an adult (when a fall would be less than
fatal).  As rex grows, it will become better and better at moving through a
forest area at fairly fast speeds.  As an adult, it's reflexes are so tuned that
it can easily keep track of where its going, as well as where it's prey is
going, all at the same time.


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